4 Crucial Signs You Need a Furnace Repair Service

There are few things more upsetting as a homeowner than to wake up early in the morning to a freezing cold house. Most homeowners probably don’t pay much attention to their furnace until they find it not working properly. If your furnace isn’t heating or it’s suddenly making funny noises, it might be time to call a furnace repair company in Haubstadt. For most people, fixing a furnace is not in their skill set, and they will need a furnace repair service.

But what are the signs, besides the obvious zero heat, that you have a furnace that needs attention?

Read on to learn the things you should watch and listen for from your furnace that might signal it’s time to call in the furnace repair service.

1. Frequent Cycling From the Furnace

If you’ve lived in your house for a while, you’re familiar with the sounds it makes like when the furnace is kicking on.

One thing you might notice your furnace doing is kicking on, running for a very short amount of time, and turning back off again, only to repeat this cycle over and over. This is called short cycling.

Short cycling is a sign you need furnace repair services. First, your furnace isn’t staying on long enough to maintain the expected temperature. The starting and stopping of the furnace is energy wasteful and hard on the parts of the furnace.

2. Uneven Heating

Another problem you might notice with your furnace is uneven heating. Parts of your home aren’t getting heat to them the way other parts are heating.

It might also take a long time for your furnace to heat up a space in your home. Your furnace has a lot of parts, and they get worn down with use over time.

If your furnace isn’t actively heating properly, it might be time for a good maintenance check-up.

3. Noises and Smells

Bad noises and bad smells are never a good sign in the world of furnace repair. Again, you’re familiar with the everyday sounds your furnace makes when turning on or running.

If your furnace starts making strange noises, like clanking, hissing, or high-pitched whining sounds, you need a furnace repair person.

Bad smells, especially if they smell like rotten eggs, mean it’s time to call for a repair. You could have a gas leak that you want to be addressed right away.

4. Higher Heating Bills

Sure, it’s colder in the winter months than other times of the year. So, it makes sense for the bill to be slightly higher.

When there’s a cause for concern is when suddenly the bill spikes. If you regularly monitor your heating bills and suddenly find the bills have gone up drastically and you’ve not made any changes, something is going on.

Your furnace is either running too much or not working properly. It’s time to get it checked out.

Furnace Repair Service in Haubstadt IN, Poseyville, IN, and Mount Carmel

If you’re like most people, you don’t give your furnace much thought until it shows signs of not working. If you have seen or heard any of these warning signs from your furnace, it’s time to call a furnace repair service.

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