5 Ways an HVAC Maintenance Plan Can Benefit You

If you’re not performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you could be shortening its lifespan. HVAC maintenance plans aren’t just a way to keep your system running efficiently; most manufacturers require proof of maintenance when homeowners submit a repair claim.

An HVAC maintenance plan keeps your heating and cooling equipment in top shape and running as it should. Here are five ways an HVAC preventive maintenance plan can benefit you.

1. Maintain Your Warranty

Signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan can help you stay covered under your warranty. Manufacturers often ask for proof that you’ve been keeping up with regular maintenance. Many parts in your equipment are quite expensive, which is one reason why manufacturers require homeowners to keep up with reasonable maintenance.

A maintenance plan ensures you’re doing so, and you’ll have proof if you need to submit repair claims.

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Airflow issues are a common sign that your HVAC system needs repairs. However, you can prevent airflow issues with regular HVAC maintenance.

The EPA states that HVAC filters can help to improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne contaminants. Since air passes through your HVAC air filter before it enters your home, you want to ensure you’re keeping the air filter clean.

A clean air filter can trap contaminants better, improving your air quality at home. We often underestimate how much dust and other airborne particles gather and can clog up our air filters, but a maintenance plan ensures you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to change or clean your filters.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned also helps improve indoor air quality. Common indoor allergens, such as mold, can cause respiratory issues in sensitive individuals. Regular duct cleaning ensures they’re clean and well maintained, keeping the air that passes through them clean as well.

3. Save Money

An HVAC maintenance service keeps your system running efficiently, and it also spots issues before they spiral into a bigger problem. For instance, a technician might see an issue with a worn-down part and be able to fix it before your equipment breaks down.

Finding problems early can help you save money since you can prevent costly breakdowns.

4. Extend the Life of Your System

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment keeps it running efficiently. After all, it’s a major investment that keeps your home comfortable. Putting effort into maintaining it ensures it keeps you and your family cool for years to come.

When your system runs efficiently, you spot problems early and extend the life of your system, preventing breakdowns.

5. Reduce Energy Bills

If your heating and cooling system isn’t working efficiently, it has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. This can cause them to use extra energy as they may turn on more often. As a result, your energy bills can spike. In fact, expensive power bills are one sign there’s an issue with your system.

If you want to keep your energy bills low, make sure you keep up with regular HVAC maintenance.

The Importance of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

An HVAC maintenance plan provides homeowners with many benefits as well as peace of mind. You’ll keep your heating and cooling system running well, which keeps you and your family comfortable and saves you money.

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