Heating Installation

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Heating Installation Company in Poseyville, IN

In Poseyville, IN, the temperature often falls below 30° Fahrenheit in the winter months. Having a heating system you can rely on is crucial to keep your home warm all winter long.

There are countless companies you can choose from for heating installation. To be confident in your heating system, you have to find an HVAC company you can trust.

When you're shopping for a heating installation company, the number of options can be overwhelming. It can also be a challenge to know how to evaluate and compare the HVAC businesses in your area.

In this article, we'll cover some criteria you can use to choose between heating installation services. Read on for three tips on how to choose a company to install your heating system!

1. Get Referrals

Before you pick up the phone, ask your friends and family who live in the Poseyville area for recommendations. You can search on the internet, but asking people you know is an easy way to get opinions you trust.

If someone you know recommends a company, you can reasonably expect to have a good experience with them as well.

It may be that you can't get any recommendations, however. In this case, the next best thing is to find online ratings and reviews of companies near you.

When you go through reviews, try to find ones from people in similar situations to yours. You might search in a company's reviews for "heating installation service."

You're likely to find good and bad reviews for any company, so be sure to get a broad sample.

2. Research Companies

Once you've found a few heating installation companies with good reviews or referrals from people you know, it's time to research them. Go through their website to find out what services they offer and get an idea of their prices.

Things to look for on a company's website:

  • HVAC license requirements for technicians
  • Guarantees
  • How long the company has been in business
  • Emergency service

Licensure requirements may be the most important thing to consider when choosing a company. Indiana's requirements for technicians to be licensed vary from county to county, so check each company's requirements for their technicians.

An unlicensed technician is most likely an apprentice with less experience, so be careful letting them work on your system.

3. Compare Services and Prices

After gathering the prices and services offered by your short list of companies, see which one has the best offer overall. Be careful of companies with unusually low prices, as they may be cutting corners in ways that could wreak havoc on your HVAC system.

Take note of your experience on the phone with a company. A good customer service experience is usually a sign that you'll have a good experience with a company's heating installation services.

Get a Heating Installation Quote Today

If you need heating installation in Poseyville, there are many factors to consider when choosing a company. Get opinions from people you trust, check online reviews, and research the companies.

At Perfect Climate Heating and Air, we background check all our technicians. Any services you get from us are fully insured, and we offer 24/7 emergency service.

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Air conditioning repair

4 Air Conditioning Repair Tips To Keep Your System Running Perfectly in Haubstadt, IN

Did you know that replacing an air conditioning unit could cost upwards of $3,000?

HVAC is essential no matter what time of the year in Indiana. But without a comfortable temperature in your home, you're bound to endure a miserably hot summer. So it's in your best interest to avoid anything that leads to costly air conditioning repair--or worse.

What most don't realize is how important regular maintenance is. Common issues arise often out of negligence. An average amount of upkeep is all it takes to avoid these problems.

So in this guide, we'll discuss the 4 maintenance tips you should keep in mind for system efficiency.

1. Keep Your HVAC System Clean to Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

An HVAC system works by moving hot and cool air in and out of your home. To maintain stable temperatures, it needs clean vents and filters. From water filters to air conditioning filters, you need to make a habit of changing them.

Indiana might have decent air quality, but your filters are keeping a lot of dust and pollen out. They need a change about once every 6 months, sometimes more. They not only improve air conditioning efficiency but improve indoor air quality, too.

2. Use the Thermostat Wisely

For starters, make sure your thermostat is working. If you notice that the temperature seems off, you may have a faulty one.

Opt for a programmable thermostat, and program its optimal working times. Keep a comfortable temperature, but not too cold during the hotter periods--that could strain your HVAC system.

3. Clean the Drain Lines

Your air conditioner needs a condenser to work, and that condenser creates excess water. That water has to drain out of the system via a drain pipe. But sometimes dirt and grime can clog it up.

Dripping water could not only damage your home but your air conditioner as well. If you get a drippy air conditioner, clean the lines. This is an easy process you can do alone--or with the help of your friendly Haubstadt technicians.

4. Have a Yearly Tune-Up

It never hurts to have a professional take a look at your air conditioner. They make do some troubleshooting to check for potential issues. Whatever the case, they'll make sure your HVAC system is running optimally.

Schedule this visit once a year. Your local Haubstadt technicians will be happy to drop by and make sure everything is in order. Then you can rest assured that your unit is ready to last another year.

Schedule an Appointment for an A/C Checkup

Air conditioning repair involves taking the time to perform rote maintenance. These are just a few small things you can do if you want to ensure your air conditioning unit lasts a long time. They may seem tedious, but you'll be glad you took the time when you see the money you save on repairs.

Looking for an A/C repair in Haubstadt? Perfect Climate is here to help. Get in contact for all your HVAC needs.

air conditioner leaking

How to Prevent Your Air Conditioner From Leaking in Poseyville, IN

Nearly 90% of American households use air conditioning to some extent.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners struggle with AC unit repair because it seems like anything can break an AC. However, if you'd like to avoid breaking the bank, you must at least know how to prevent an air conditioner from leaking.

To help you, we've put together a quick guide on leak prevention for everyone in the Poseyville, IN, area.

Read on to learn how to prevent your air conditioner from leaking.

Check Condensate Lines Often

When it comes to preventing an AC unit from leaking, one of the best things you can do is check the condensate lines often.

With a flashlight, look into the drip pan and inspect the opening of the condensate line. If you see any debris, remove it immediately. Not doing so can cause a condensate backup, preventing your AC unit from working as best as possible.

Properly Mount the Drip Pan

While inspecting the drip pan, you should ensure that it's installed properly. Any time you install a drip pan, it should be even to prevent water from spilling out. It'll also help you avoid condensate backup.

If you'd like to replace your drip pan, you can do so by turning off your AC unit and removing the coil hatch. You can then disconnect the drain line and remove the pan. During this process, look for signs of mold so you can remove it.

Use Spray Sealants

Dealing with an AC leaking water can be tricky, but spray sealants can help you avoid a ton of problems. Whenever you spot a leak, you can apply spray sealant to temporarily stop it. You can also use spray sealant to prevent future leaks, though it isn't a foolproof method.

If you use spray sealant to fix a leak, you should plan on hiring a professional to help you resolve the issue later. Fortunately, Perfect Climate Heating and Air offers all the AC repair services you need.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

The last thing you can do is perform preventative maintenance. Many people overlook this, but preventative maintenance is all about doing things to prevent a leaking air conditioner.

The simplest way to do this is to inspect your AC unit often. As soon as you notice something wrong with your AC, you should fix it immediately. Not doing so can lead to larger problems that'll cost much more money.

Now You're Ready to Prevent Your Air Conditioner from Leaking

After reading this article, you now have all the info you need to know about preventing an air conditioner from leaking. With this info in mind, we encourage you to start inspecting your AC to look for potential problems.

If you notice a problem, Perfect Climate Heating and Air offers various services that can help you. With us, you'll not only save some time, but you'll also save money.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the HVAC services we provide in Poseyville, IN.

indoor air quality

4 Indoor Air Quality Myths That Mount Carmel, IL Homeowners Should Know

Did you know that the air pollution in Mount Carmel, IL clocks in at less than 2.5 microns of particulate matter?

This is great news for when you're outdoors, but it could be a whole different story inside your home. It's possible for AC companies to test your indoor air quality and find some troubling pollutants, among other debris.

Are you wondering what people don't realize when it comes to indoor air quality? Keep reading to learn about the 4 indoor air quality myths that Mount Carmel, IL homeowners should know.

1. Indoor Air Is Always Cleaner

While this can depend on the city, we've learned that Mount Carmel boasts some impressively clean air. Even if you live in NYC, for instance, it's still possible to have indoor air that's more polluted.

This is why it's important to avoid getting complacent. If you're worried about the quality of your indoor air, then don't hesitate to get AC repair, free estimate included.

2. Air Ducts Clean Themselves

It's important to change your air filter on a regular basis, but that won't prevent a build-up of dust and debris in the air ducts of your HVAC system over time. While a lack of an air filter or failing to change it regularly can make things much worse, air duct cleaning is still a necessary part of maintenance.

If you're serious about keeping your indoor air quality pristine, then it's important to hire someone who can clean it thoroughly and even offer other services, such as fixing air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking.

3. Boosting Your Indoor Air Quality Is Expensive

If you're avoiding searching for "AC repair near me" because you think it'll cost an arm and a leg, don't worry. It's actually much cheaper to invest in regular maintenance than it is to try to fix something that's already broken.

Even in cases where the air quality has nosedived, it's still possible to work with furnace repair experts who offer their services at a reasonable price.

4. I've Tested THE IAQ Myself and It's Fine

Another reason to search "heating and cooling near me" relates to IAQ testing accuracy. There are DIY tools that can allow you to test your own air, but the accuracy of these tests is doubtful.

Since the health of your family is on the line, it's much better to get a professional AC and heating tune-up. That way, you can be certain.

Ready to Get the Best Indoor Air Quality?

Now that you've learned about the 4 indoor air quality myths that Mount Carmel, IL homeowners should know, you can test your air and get it fixed if need be. An AC professional can ensure you and your loved ones are breathing fresh air rather than something that's polluted.

Since 2009, we've provided tried and true services in Haubstadt, IN and the surrounding areas. From testing your indoor air quality to heating and cooling maintenance, you can always count on our expertise.

Feel free to reach out and schedule an appointment that works with your schedule.

indoor air quality

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer in Haubstadt, IN

There is a direct link between indoor air quality and the health, comfort, and wellbeing of occupants. There is a considerable amount of news today related to outdoor air quality and air pollution, with particular regard to its effects in major cities. However, it is also important to consider the quality of the air indoors.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, levels of air pollutants indoors can have a greater effect on a person's health compared to outdoor air pollutants. They can also be up to 100 times higher.

If you are looking for ways to effectively improve indoor air quality in Haubstadt, IN, this blog post is for you. Here, we will share practical steps that you can take to improve comfort and safety within your home.

Test Your Air Quality

A good starting point is actually testing the current quality of your home's air. This will give you a better idea of the changes that can help to make a positive difference.

While DIY testing can be performed, professional testing will result in more extensive results and personalized info.

Control Allergens

Common allergens in indoor spaces include mold, dust, pet dander, and dust mites. Some of the symptoms caused by these allergens include:

  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Skin rashes
  • Sore throat
  • Itching

Regular cleaning will help to manage allergens. If you have pets, it is recommended that you regularly brush and bathe them. Using hypoallergenic pillows and impermeable mattresses, as well as regularly washing bedding in hot water, is also advised.

Check Your Home's Ventilation

A simple way to improve indoor air quality is to keep air flowing in your home. Opening doors and windows can help to increase airflow (as long as the outdoor air is low in pollen).

During the summer months in Haubstadt, air conditioning units are key. Regularly changing its filter will help with overall air quality. We also recommend that you schedule periodic servicing of your AC unit to ensure that it is doing its job.

Reduce Dampness

Dampness in indoor spaces can result in a range of health hazards, including mold growth and the release of volatile organic compounds. Factors that can cause dampness in a home include leaky pipes, humid climates, low ventilation, and areas with pooling water.

Steps you can take to address dampness include singing a dehumidifier, finding and eliminating areas of moisture or pooling water, and using a fan or opening a window while cooking or showering.

Practical Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you are concerned about indoor air quality in your home, the above steps help you to tackle the situation. For more advice on how to improve indoor air quality in Haubstadt, IN, speak to the experts at Perfect Climate Heating & Air.

Contact us today for your cooling needs. Our licensed and skilled technicians are always available to assist you.

hot upstairs cold downstairs

Hot Upstairs Cold Downstairs: Managing Uneven Home Cooling Issues in Haubstadt, IN

You don't need to be a scientist to have heard of "warm air rises and cool air sinks."

Of course, if you know a bit about thermodynamics, you know that it's not just an expression. When solar radiation heats the land surface, it also warms the air above the ground. Then millions and millions of tiny air bubbles expand, becoming less dense.

That's why hot air rises. Meanwhile, the opposite happens when the same air bubbles cool down. They contract and become denser, which is why they "sink."

Physics aside, if you're experiencing "hot upstairs and cold downstairs" in your home, there's a big chance there's a problem with your HVAC system. That said, let's talk about what could be causing uneven cooling in a house and how to manage it.

Addressing the "Hot Upstairs Cold Downstairs" Problem

Homes with the "upstairs is hot and downstairs is cold" issue could have an inefficient HVAC system design. If the design isn't mapped out correctly, it may result in poor air circulation.

Another reason could be leaky ductwork. Remember that your ducts have to distribute cold air throughout your house for efficient home cooling. Just having them cleaned may not be enough.

Improperly installed, leaky, or old air ducts make it harder for your HVAC unit to push cool air to all areas of your home, whether upstairs or downstairs. Other reasons you're experiencing "AC on hot upstairs cold downstairs" are not having enough insulation in your attic and blocked supply and return vents.

Some Tips That Can Help Solve Uneven Cooling in Your Home

Besides taking steps to address issues that may be causing uneven cooling in your home, there are specific fixes you can try to solve the problem.

The simplest is to change your HVAC air filter. Next is to use fans. If you install ceiling fans upstairs, they can help circulate the air all over the house.

Don't forget that to keep comfortable indoor temperatures, maintaining a constant temperature is a must. Fans can help with creating perpetual airflow. It would be best if you also considered reducing the use of heat-generating appliances.

For example, you can turn off lights on the second floor when everybody's downstairs. Window treatments can also help, especially when used strategically. Other tips that can help include switching to a ductless HVAC system, using zone control systems, and upgrading to a new energy-efficient cooling system.

Are You Experiencing HVAC Issues in Haubstadt, IN?

As a homeowner, investing in the best HVAC system is one of the best decisions you can make. However, without proper installation and maintenance, your unit and your home will have problems like uneven cooling, aka "hot upstairs cold downstairs."

If you need a reliable HVAC contractor in Haubstadt, IN, to check your HVAC system, we can help. Not only do we have trained technicians whose attention to detail is unparalleled, but we also offer full-service energy audits.

To learn more about our services, feel free to browse our site. We also have tons of HVAC tips and advice on our blog that can help.

Commercial air conditioner

6 Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Poseyville, IN

Regular HVAC maintenance could extend your unit's lifespan to over 15 years. If you've neglected maintenance for your commercial air conditioner, however, it could experience problems. For example, you might hear a strange sound coming from your unit.

Not sure if you need HVAC maintenance services? Here are six signs it's time to request HVAC repairs in Poseyville, IN.

Read on to learn more!

1. Energy Increases

AC use accounts for about 6% of all the electricity produced in the US. Take a moment to compare your energy bills from the past three months. 

Compare your totals year-over-year, too. Has your energy usage increased? If you're suddenly paying for more energy, consider HVAC maintenance services.

If there's an issue with your HVAC unit, the unit will work twice as hard to function properly. Components will begin wearing down, leading to expensive HVAC repairs. Meanwhile, your energy bill will begin increasing as energy efficiency declines.

Hiring a professional HVAC technician can help you discover new ways to improve your energy efficiency. You could extend the unit's lifespan, too.

2. Warm Airflow

If your AC unit is failing to keep your commercial space cool, call for HVAC repairs right away. Warm airflow could indicate there's a problem with the unit.

For example, it's possible you're out of refrigerant. Other possible issues include:

  • Duct leakage 
  • Condenser issues
  • Dirty coils
  • Leaking refrigerant

Have an HVAC professional check your unit before it breaks down. 

3. Leaks

Is water leaking from your air conditioning unit? When left unattended, mold can start to grow.

Have your HVAC technician check for a drain tube or refrigerant issue. 

There are over 118,000 HVAC businesses across the US. Make sure you're choosing an experienced team. They can ensure your unit is running properly throughout the year. 

4. Strange Smells and Sounds

Different sounds coming from your unit could indicate specific problems. For example, a popping sound could indicate a clogged air filter. If you hear a clanging sound, it's possible there's a damaged fan.

You might smell strange odors coming from the unit, too. It's possible that mold is growing within the unit. Call a professional HVAC technician to assess the problem right away. 

5. Humidity

A properly functioning air conditioning unit should minimize humidity in the air. Does glass fog up? Do you notice water pooling around your commercial space's windows?

If the answer is yes, contact a professional HVAC technician. 

6. Constant Breakdowns

Does your unit keep breaking down? Consider scheduling preventative maintenance services twice a year.

An HVAC professional can review your unit and catch problems before they develop. Then, you can keep your unit running at its best. 

Request Commercial Air Conditioner Repair in Poseyville, IN Today

Don't let issues with your commercial air conditioner impact your bottom line or team's comfort. If these problems sound familiar, call a professional HVAC technician right away. With help from an HVAC repair team in Poseyville, you can ensure your unit's efficiency and longevity. 

Need help with your unit? Perfect Climate Heating and Air is here to help. We specialize in heating and cooling technology to ensure your comfort. 

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

ac unit cover

Haubstadt, IN Homeowners, Do You Need to Cover Over Your AC Unit?

As a homeowner, it's hard to deny the importance of your home's AC unit. When the summer heat rages, we depend on these units to keep our homes comfortable and help our families stay cool. But what should we do during the winter months when they're not in use?

For Haubstadt, IN homeowners an AC unit cover is a wise investment. Anything that prolongs the life of your unit, and keeps it functioning when you need it most should be at the top of your list of priorities around the house.

Let's take a look at the reasons why homeowners in and around Haubstadt, IN should consider using an outdoor unit cover for their AC and how to choose the right one.

Protection Against the Elements

Yes, your outdoor AC unit is designed to withstand the elements all year round. That doesn't mean you can't go the extra mile to help your system out. Snow, rain, wind, hail, and intense heat can be rough on anything left outside.

By deciding to cover your ac unit, you're providing it a little added protection. Your unit will experience fewer chances of weather damage, and you'll feel more at ease when Mother Nature throws the tantrums she's well known for.


One of the dangers an outside AC unit may experience comes from the trees surrounding your home. As we mentioned, weather plays a big part in whether you should cover an AC unit. This same weather can help your beautiful trees drop debris on your unit that can be damaging.

In the fall, you'll also have issues with falling leaves. Not only does this clog your gutters and leave your yard littered, but they can also get inside your unit. You'll be left cleaning out your unit more often if it's left unprotected around trees.

AC Unit Cover Ideas

When it comes to covering your AC unit, there are several ideas you can incorporate. The best way to choose the right cover for your system, and ensure you're helping keep your unit maintained, is to discuss it with an HVAC professional.

An HVAC professional in Haubstadt, IN can help you decide whether you want a top-only cover, a wood AC cover, or another design of your choosing. They'll also help you better understand the type of AC unit you have and whether covering it is even an option.

AC Unit Covers and More

The summer months are creeping up on us, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be thinking about having an AC unit cover ready once the season is over. Being proactive when it comes to your unit is a great way of helping it stay running for years to come.

If you're in the Haubstadt, IN Mount Carmel, IL Poseyville, IN areas, the team at Perfect Climate Heating & Air is waiting to help you choose the AC cover for your unit. Our team of experts can give you the advice you need to choose the one best suited for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

furnace repair service

4 Crucial Signs You Need a Furnace Repair Service

There are few things more upsetting as a homeowner than to wake up early in the morning to a freezing cold house. Most homeowners probably don't pay much attention to their furnace until they find it not working properly. If your furnace isn't heating or it's suddenly making funny noises, it might be time to call a furnace repair company in Haubstadt. For most people, fixing a furnace is not in their skill set, and they will need a furnace repair service.

But what are the signs, besides the obvious zero heat, that you have a furnace that needs attention?

Read on to learn the things you should watch and listen for from your furnace that might signal it's time to call in the furnace repair service.

1. Frequent Cycling From the Furnace

If you've lived in your house for a while, you're familiar with the sounds it makes like when the furnace is kicking on.

One thing you might notice your furnace doing is kicking on, running for a very short amount of time, and turning back off again, only to repeat this cycle over and over. This is called short cycling.

Short cycling is a sign you need furnace repair services. First, your furnace isn't staying on long enough to maintain the expected temperature. The starting and stopping of the furnace is energy wasteful and hard on the parts of the furnace.

2. Uneven Heating

Another problem you might notice with your furnace is uneven heating. Parts of your home aren't getting heat to them the way other parts are heating.

It might also take a long time for your furnace to heat up a space in your home. Your furnace has a lot of parts, and they get worn down with use over time.

If your furnace isn't actively heating properly, it might be time for a good maintenance check-up.

3. Noises and Smells

Bad noises and bad smells are never a good sign in the world of furnace repair. Again, you're familiar with the everyday sounds your furnace makes when turning on or running.

If your furnace starts making strange noises, like clanking, hissing, or high-pitched whining sounds, you need a furnace repair person.

Bad smells, especially if they smell like rotten eggs, mean it's time to call for a repair. You could have a gas leak that you want to be addressed right away.

4. Higher Heating Bills

Sure, it's colder in the winter months than other times of the year. So, it makes sense for the bill to be slightly higher.

When there's a cause for concern is when suddenly the bill spikes. If you regularly monitor your heating bills and suddenly find the bills have gone up drastically and you've not made any changes, something is going on.

Your furnace is either running too much or not working properly. It's time to get it checked out.

Furnace Repair Service in Haubstadt IN, Poseyville, IN, and Mount Carmel

If you're like most people, you don't give your furnace much thought until it shows signs of not working. If you have seen or heard any of these warning signs from your furnace, it's time to call a furnace repair service.

Perfect Climate Heating & Air services the greater Haubstadt, IN Mount Carmel, IL and Poseyville, IN areas. We are ready to help get your furnace in good working order. Contact us today so we can come to give your furnace a good check-up.

HVAC maintenance plan

5 Ways an HVAC Maintenance Plan Can Benefit You

If you're not performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you could be shortening its lifespan. HVAC maintenance plans aren't just a way to keep your system running efficiently; most manufacturers require proof of maintenance when homeowners submit a repair claim.

An HVAC maintenance plan keeps your heating and cooling equipment in top shape and running as it should. Here are five ways an HVAC preventive maintenance plan can benefit you.

1. Maintain Your Warranty

Signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan can help you stay covered under your warranty. Manufacturers often ask for proof that you've been keeping up with regular maintenance. Many parts in your equipment are quite expensive, which is one reason why manufacturers require homeowners to keep up with reasonable maintenance.

A maintenance plan ensures you're doing so, and you'll have proof if you need to submit repair claims.

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Airflow issues are a common sign that your HVAC system needs repairs. However, you can prevent airflow issues with regular HVAC maintenance.

The EPA states that HVAC filters can help to improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne contaminants. Since air passes through your HVAC air filter before it enters your home, you want to ensure you're keeping the air filter clean.

A clean air filter can trap contaminants better, improving your air quality at home. We often underestimate how much dust and other airborne particles gather and can clog up our air filters, but a maintenance plan ensures you'll never have to worry about forgetting to change or clean your filters.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned also helps improve indoor air quality. Common indoor allergens, such as mold, can cause respiratory issues in sensitive individuals. Regular duct cleaning ensures they're clean and well maintained, keeping the air that passes through them clean as well.

3. Save Money

An HVAC maintenance service keeps your system running efficiently, and it also spots issues before they spiral into a bigger problem. For instance, a technician might see an issue with a worn-down part and be able to fix it before your equipment breaks down.

Finding problems early can help you save money since you can prevent costly breakdowns.

4. Extend the Life of Your System

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment keeps it running efficiently. After all, it's a major investment that keeps your home comfortable. Putting effort into maintaining it ensures it keeps you and your family cool for years to come.

When your system runs efficiently, you spot problems early and extend the life of your system, preventing breakdowns.

5. Reduce Energy Bills

If your heating and cooling system isn't working efficiently, it has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. This can cause them to use extra energy as they may turn on more often. As a result, your energy bills can spike. In fact, expensive power bills are one sign there's an issue with your system.

If you want to keep your energy bills low, make sure you keep up with regular HVAC maintenance.

The Importance of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

An HVAC maintenance plan provides homeowners with many benefits as well as peace of mind. You'll keep your heating and cooling system running well, which keeps you and your family comfortable and saves you money.

If you're a homeowner in need of HVAC services in Haubstadt, IN, Poseyville, IN, or Mount Carmel, IL, contact Perfect Climate Heating & Air to set up an appointment or a regular maintenance plan.