Three Surprising Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

This one is for the ducts! Air ducts in the home serve a crucial function. They help to regulate the quality of air in your home as well as transport air to every room in the house, ensuring interior comfort irrespective of the season. Many speculate on whether or not air duct cleaning is essential or has any real benefits.

However, if they help improve the quality of air that you breathe in, cleaning should be highly considered and done promptly.

Below are three surprising benefits of air duct cleaning that are sure to convince you of the importance of getting your ducts cleaned.

1) Provides a Cleaner Environment

Cleaning your AC air ducts decreases the level of dust that would circulate throughout your home, resting on furniture and other surfaces. Dirty air ducts harbor millions of dust and dirt particles.

These dust and dirt particles can fall and rest anywhere, in your food, drinks, or products you use on your skin and elsewhere. Imagine inhaling or breathing in these contaminants regularly.

Air duct cleaning would decrease the amount of dusting and cleaning required in the home, thus maintaining a hygienic living environment.

Bacteria, pollen, mildew, pet dander, and other contaminants can also become trapped in your air ducts over time which can cause allergies and affect members of the household.

Among those affected are individuals with asthma, as their asthma is susceptible to the mentioned air-born contaminants. Air duct cleaning creates a healthier environment as it helps eliminate unsavory particles in the air and on surfaces as well as prevents the circulation of these particles

2) Air Duct Cleaning is a Money Saver

Every homeowner has an interest in saving money. What you may not know is that one way to do this is to get your air ducts cleaned. It has been noted by the NADCA that at least 25 percent of cooling and heating energy goes to waste.

Why is this? When your air duct is contaminated with particles like lint, dust, pet hair, etc. the system has to work harder to cool and heat your home, as a lot of the system’s energy is absorbed by the debris and expounded to push past it.

Having your system run under this strain causes decreased HVAC efficiency and shortens the life of your HVAC system which will end up costing even more money as you will soon be in need of an HVAC repair.

it is also wise to note that though filters are used in your air ducts the system will still accumulate contaminates over time.

3) It Eliminates Odors

Getting air conditioning ductwork done also removes odor from your home. As time goes by, your air ducts can harbor mold and mildew that release and circulate air that has a pungent smell.

Regardless of how many air fresheners you use, how many windows you open, this can leave behind a very unpleasant lingering odor that persists week after week.

Mold can become very smelly, especially when left to fester. Getting your air ducts cleaned could be the very solution that eliminates unpleasant odors that are present.

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In essence, air ducts are more beneficial in a pristine state than a dirty one. Dirty air ducts decrease air quality, leading to health issues, unexpected costs, and foul odors.

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